Karolina Żyniewicz

2018 – the start of PhD study at the University of Warsaw, Nature-Culture Programme, Artes Liberales Faculty

2009 – graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, Department of Visual Arts

Selected solo exhibitions:

2014 – Hiperphobium, Lamelii Gallery, Kraków

2013 – Quarantine, Wozownia Gallery, Toruń

2012 – Private life of life, Baszta Gallery, Zbąszyń

2011 – Fear of darkness, BWA, Katowice

            Curiosities, Art Agenda Nova, Kraków

2010 – Spielsache, Academy of Fine Arts, Kraków

2009 – Homo ludens, Fabrystrefa Gallery, Łódź

Living exhibitions and bio – sociological experiments:

2022 – Signs of the Times. Collecting Biological Traces and Memories:

Episode 4: FishTank Pamora, Malmo

Episode 5: Art Laboratory Berlin

Episode 6: ArtSciSalon, Toronto

Episode 7: Ethnographic Museum in Zbąszyń;

Episode 8: FEMeeting22, Evora

2021 – Signs of the Times. Collecting Biological Traces and Memories:

Episode 1: Liebig19, Berlin

Episode 2: Łaźnia Gallery

Episode 3: TOP, Berlin

2019 – Non-human culture producers, Mexico City

2017 – Art&science. Art as a research method (workshop with biologists), The Station of Hydrobiology, Pilchy

            Exercises from post nature (workshop), Festival of Abstract Thought, Housing Jazdów, Warsaw

2016 – Similarity of differences, Ruhnu Island, Estonia

             Symbiosis – Festival Experiment, Zbąszyń

             From life to death and back, bio-aesthetic experiment, Copernicus Science Centre

2015 – Second life, Ethnographic Museum, Zbąszyń

            The pandemic of happiness, Housing Jazdów, Warsaw

            The matter of transgression, Male Prison, Rawicz

2014 – Delectatio morosa, Miłość Gallery, Toruń

Selected group exhibitions:

2022 – Stretching Materialities – Tieranatomisches Theater, Berlin

2021 – Biofriction, Ectopia – Experimental Art Laboratory, Lisbon

2020 – The Life of Humans, Kronika Gallery, Bytom

             Twilight of the Anthropocene, Academy of Fine Arts, Gdańsk

2019 – Beyond borders. Processed Body – Expanded Brain – Distributed Agency, CSW Łaźnia, Gdańsk

2017 – Pernicius predilection, Labirynt Gallery, Lublin

2016 – Rocky Landscape, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius

            Rocky Landscape, Bunkier Sztuki Gallery, Kraków

            Temptation of immortality, Copernicus Science Center, Warsaw

            The in-human time, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Opole

2015 – Flow: Fallout skies/bad weather, Mona Inner Spaces, Poznań

2014 – LOCAL, The Dock Arts Centre, Carrick on Shannon, Ireland

            inSpirations/Xtreme, 13 muses, Szczecin

            Cake and blood, Two Left Hands Gallery, Katowice

2013 – Exteritories, urban space, Toruń

2012 – The limit of sculpture, Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw

            Grating of the gums on a meniscus, Cellar Gallery, Kraków

            On strange feeling, Zderzak Gallery, Kraków

            Organic, Cellar Gallery, Kraków

Art&research residencies:

2022 – Art Laboratory Berlin

2020 – Biofriction (a virtual residency)

2019 – Mexico City, Mexico (January – April/September – November)

2017 – Cultivamos Cultura, Lisbon, Portugal

2015 – Biophilia, Ayatana Artist Research Program, Quebeck, Canada

2014 – LOCIS, The Dock Arts Centre, Carrick on Shannon, Ireland

Participation in interdisciplinary conferences and festivals:

2022 – FEMeeting. Women in art, science and technology, Evora, Portugal

             STEAM and The Future of Education, i3s, Porto, Portugal

            Who cares? Sustaining relations of health beyond the time of crisis, ArtSci Salon, Toronto

             Stretching Senses School Festival, Tieranatomishes Theater, Berlin

2021 – Ars Electronica Festival (Garden Gdańsk)

            Under the Viral Shadow, Art Laboratory Berlin

2020 – Twilight of the Anthropocene, Gdańsk, Poland

             The 5th USERN Congress, Tehran, Iran

2019 – FEMeeting. Women in art, science, and technology, Lisbon, Portugal

2018 – Taboo, Transgression, Transcendence in art&science, Mexico City

             Why do we need posthumanism? Poznan, Poland

             Hybrid Labs, Helsinki, Finland

             FEMeeting. Women in art, science, and technology, Lisbon, Portugal

2017 – Taboo, Transgression, Transcendence in art&science, Corfu, Greece

             Cutting of Bodies. Moving images, Institute of Polish Culture, Warsaw

2016 – Open Fields Festival, Riga

2015 – A fe! Social and cultural contexts of disgust and abomination, University of Social Sciences and Humanities

            Przemiany Festival: The designers of Anthropocene, Copernicus Science Center, Warsaw


I’ve chosen one from many different definitions of art: art is a way to perceive the world; it is a cognitive attitude. Creation, in my opinion, is based on staging research situations linked with crucial problems of modernity. Art should pose questions while getting the answers requires direct contact with the audience. I use the word life with an inclusive meaning. In my opinion, life as a topic contains everything essential and exciting. The crucial element of life lies in its biological aspect. That is why I decided to make biology the background of my artistic practices. I do my best to touch on critical contemporary issues such as the approach of modern people to biological aspects of their life, the social attitude to cutting-edge biotechnology, and bio-medicine. In all my artistic/research activities, I touch on boundaries. These are borders of a body (not only the human body), between nature and culture, and between nature and post-nature (meaning the laboratory world).

older projects: https://artdycyna.blogspot.com/