• enter the flow of incontinent matter


    together with Charlotte Roschka, Hugo Larqué

    The Stretching Senses School festival combines a series of top-level lectures by thinkers of immersive technologies and ecological emergencies and deep-down workshops to overclock the VR artworks into performance and sense-stretching elements. As the Leaking Bodies team, we decided to share the artistic research methods we established while collaborating with the workshop participants. We guided them through the creative process that we divided into three stages: introductive, exploratory, and narrative. In the first part of the workshop, we presented to the participants what our co-work looked like and what is the outcome. Then, the group was divided into smaller teams. We equipped each team with simple devices for exploring the material environment, such as pocket microscopes, EMFS microphones, and sound recorders. The team was encouraged to explore the exhibition at TAT, the building itself, and the garden around the building. They could exchange the devices to get as much diverse material as possible. The last part of the workshop was dedicated to storytelling. All the material objects investigated in the exploratory part became characters of visual and written stories. Everything created has been added to the existing exhibition and the Stretching Senses School archive.