• similarity of differences

    Ruhnu Island, Estonia/Institute of Genetics and Biotechnology, Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw, 2016
    The goal of the project was to examine the meaning of blood. It had a bio - sociological character (as many pursuits in my career).
    The first stage took place during a 10 - day residency on Estonian Ruhnu Island where I tried to collect blood samples from the newly met people from the group of fellow residents, but also other locals. Every subject was asked for a drop of his/her blood. In order for the sample to be taken, each individual received a set for that purpose: a sealed bag with a sterile needle and a cotton pad. The examined had a leeway when it comes to choosing the spot of the puncture (though fingertip was recommended). The subjects could either perform the puncture themselves or ask the examiner for help. Once the puncture was made the subject squeezed out a drop of his/her blood and pressed the cotton pad against the spot in order to soak the pad with blood. The pad and the needle were then put back into the bag and the latter was to be sealed tightly. Before placing the needle in the bag, the subject could voluntarily sign it with his/her name or initials. Individuals who refused donating blood were asked for a brief written justification, either disclosing their identity or anonymously. The collected texts were of equal value to the donated blood.
    In the laboratory in Warsaw (the same as in the safe suicide project) an attempt at reading DNA from each blood sample and combining all samples in the test rube was conducted. The trial of DNA isolation didn't have a successful result because of the blood samples state (they were stored in too high temperature). Finally, all samples were combined symbolically in one test tube. This tube and a research diary became a basis of an artistic object that was presented on exhibitions.

    Places of presentation:
    Rocky Landscape, exhibition in Bunkier Gallery in Krakow (2016)
    Rocky Landscape, exhibition in Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius (2016)