• the matter of transgression


    The 2-day project was realized in a male high-restriction prison in Rawicz (Poland). The main aim was to consider different meanings of transgression:

    - reason for the current situation of prisoners
    - input in the socially rejected area
    - working with living beings and dead matter
    - approach of the local community to the people behind the prison wall

    The first day was dedicated to the topics of fears and taboos. The prisoners were asked to answer questions about the perception of beauty and ugliness and the sources of fear. After that, they had direct contact with insects. They could touch Madagascar cockroaches and try to eat Zohobas morio maggots.
    The second day was related to tattoos - a language typical in the prison. The prisoners made tattoos on pig legs. They taught me their tattoo methods. Those dead parts of animals were symbols of transgression.